Financial Services

When it comes to writing and editing for the Financial Services sector, it’s crucial to find someone with the right combination of specialist skills and industry experience to do justice to your documentation.

You have to feel confident that the person you engage will treat your work with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, and that they are used to handling sensitive information with tact and subtlety.

They need to be accustomed to dealing with large sums, tight timescales, demanding clients and constantly developing industry regulation.

With over nine years’ experience as a Paraplanner within a FTSE100 Wealth Management firm, I have detailed specialist knowledge and understanding of advice guidance across the following range of financial planning issues:

  • Investments
  • Tax mitigation
  • Protection
  • Pension planning
  • Options at retirement
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Long term care

Whilst I am no longer engaged in traditional Paraplanning work, I continue to edit and proofread a range of advice-related documents for my Financial Services clients, including:

  • ‘Reasons Why’ and Suitability Letters
  • Meeting followup letters
  • Analysis of current circumstances, needs and objectives
  • Investment proposals
  • Compliance documentation
  • Application paperwork and Trust documents
  • Client servicing documents

When large accounts and high net worth clients are at stake, it’s more important than ever to ensure the accuracy, quality, professionalism and polish of your writing. For more information about how I can help, please get in touch.

"The clients Hannah had to deal with were wealthy business owners, successful entrepreneurs, board directors and so on. These were people with exacting standards who would not tolerate any lapse of professionalism. They were always very satisfied with the materials Hannah produced." -